Association for Kenya Business Events (AKBE)

The Association for Kenya Business Events (AKBE) is a professional organization that serves as an umbrella body for business events (MICE). Its members include meeting venues, MICE specialists, event planners, conference organizers, destination management companies, hotels, transport companies, airlines and other industry suppliers.

Are you ready to make a powerful statement about Kenya’s business events scene?

AKBE aims to promote the business events industry in Kenya by providing a platform for:

  • Advocacy and lobbying, 
  • Setting industry standards and best practices,
  • Professional development and training
  • Knowledge sharing,
  • Networking and partnerships, and
  • Industry research.

AKBE is committed to promoting the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in the industry.

Our Mission

To enhance and improve the business events industry and job creation in Kenya.

Our Vision

Powering Kenya’s assent to a world class business event destination

Our Core Values


AKBE and our members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times, in providing high quality and ethical services.


AKBE wishes to grow the greater business events community through sustainable business practices.


In order to ensure the sustainability of the sector, AKBE has the duty to be creative with clear and untested ideas.

Business Intelligence

AKBE will have a knowledge database available to all our members who will provide documents…

Our Philosophy: AKBE is dedicated to the industry’s coherence and professionalism; to advocate for business events support within all government departments, and support Kenya associations, corporations, and the National Convention Bureau in bidding for, developing, and delivering world-class business events in Kenya.

10 compelling benefits of joining AKBE

The following are AKBE’s range of benefits to our members.

1. Unifying Kenya’s Presence in Leading the Global Business Events Industry

Are you tired of going Solo at major International MICE Trade Shows? Are you ready to make a powerful statement about Kenya’s business events scene? Join AKBE and become a leader at industry giants like Meetings Africa, IMEX, IBTM, etc.

    1. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow Kenyan business events leaders under the AKBE banner, showcasing the industry’s strength and diversity.
    2. Leverage AKBE’s extensive network and promotional efforts to maximize your reach and attract high-profile event organisers.
    3. Benefit from AKBE’s team of industry veterans who can help you navigate trade shows, develop compelling presentations, and connect with the right partners.
2. Advocacy and representation

Members benefit from the industry’s collective voice, working together to influence policy and regulation that affects the MICE/Business Events industry at both the legislative and executive levels at national and county governments.

3. Bid Support

We leverage our extensive network of sector associations and industry leaders to build powerful partnerships that strengthen your bids. Our team of bid specialists provide you with tailored support, navigating the complexities of regional and international bids and gaining exposure to a wider audience of potential event organisers through AKBE’s global connections.

4. Industry insight and knowledge

By participating in AKBE’s activities, you gain access to industry insights and knowledge that helps you improve your organization’s performance and competitiveness.

5. Collaboration and partnership

AKBE provides a platform for collaboration and partnership between industry organisations, fostering innovation and driving growth.

6. Educational resources

AKBE offers access to training, research, and other educational resources to help members stay current with industry developments and trends.

7. Personal and professional development

AKBE offers opportunities for personal and professional development, through training courses, speciality webinars, conferences, and other events.

8. Networking opportunities

Through AKBE’s curated events, we provide a unique platform for corporates to connect with other professionals in the industry, share knowledge, network and build lasting relationships.

9. Promotional support

AKBE helps to promote your organisation’s events and initiatives, raising your profile and increasing your visibility in the industry.

10. Reputation and credibility

Being a member of the Association for Kenya Business Events (AKBE) demonstrates your organization’s commitment to the industry and sets you apart from the competition. AKBE membership is a trusted mark of excellence that assures customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders of your organization’s professionalism and reliability.

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