Membership of AKBE is open to corporate bodies or persons with genuine professional and active vocational interest in Business Events management and services as prescribed in our By-laws.

Eligibility to join AKBE

A corporate body or person shall be eligible for admission as a member provided that such persons or corporate body is:

  1. Actively interested in promoting objectives of AKBE;

  2. Engaged in Business Events management and services;

  3. In association with the administration of business events;

  4. Meeting the eligibility criteria stipulated in our constitution and the by-laws for the appropriate category of membership, and

  5. A member on payment of the fees provided for in our by-laws.

Membership Categories

Full Members

Consists of organizations directly involved in the Business Events industry in Kenya as such as:

  • Hotels 

  • Venues 

  • Event management companies, or professional conference organizers 

  • Destination management companies/organizations

  • Event suppliers

  • Transportation and logistics companies

  • Media

Associate Members

Include training institutions such as:

  • Tourism schools and university faculties;

  • Other industry-related associations and

  • Government corporates

Affiliate Members

Shall be any other businesses or individuals not within the categories mentioned above but is interested in supporting AKBE and have fulfilled such conditions as determined from time to time by the Board of directors in the By-laws

10 Benefits of why you MUST join AKBE

  1. Join a network of growing Kenyan Business events industry

  2. Access to business intelligence on the latest local and global industry trends and practices.

  3. Access to continuous educational opportunities at discounted rates

  4. Linkages to international industry associations and networks such as the Convention Industry Council with access to Certified Meetings Professional (CMP)

  5. Opportunity to exhibit at both national and international business events fairs

  6. Receive an industry recognition, certification, and accreditation

  7. Identify with a respected professional industry association in Kenya

  8. Opportunity to serve on the AKBE Board and Committees

  9. Receive regular communication/news on the business events industry

  10. Advocacy for an enabling legal and policy environment for the business events industry


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