Our Core Values

1. Integrity

AKBE and our members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times, in providing high quality and ethical services. Our members are required to abide by AKBE’s code of conduct and globally acceptable ethical standards for business and employee conduct at all times. Remedial steps will be taken should it occur that this is violated.

2. Sustainability

AKBE wishes to grow the greater business events community through sustainable business practices. And by raising the awareness of cultural diversity in Kenya while conducting conferences, meetings, seminars, galas & award dinners in a responsible manner, in order to preserve the local communities in sustaining best greening practices.

3. Innovation

In order to ensure the sustainability of the sector, AKBE has the duty to be creative with clear and untested ideas for our members and the community to utilize in the advancement of their business.

4. Business Intelligence

AKBE will have a knowledge database available to all our members who will provide documents that relate to best practices, research & general information, which our members will become accustomed to.

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